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Whereoware joins "Like for Life" Facebook campaign

September and October social media fundraising to benefit Gift for Life

Gift For Life, the gift, stationery and home décor industries’ sole charitable organization, today announced that Whereoware has launched a “Like for Life” fundraising campaign on Facebook benefitting Gift for Life.

Throughout the months of September and October, Whereoware will donate $3 to Gift for Life for each Facebook user who “Likes” the Whereoware Facebook page. For more information, visit www.facebook.com/whereoware.

“As a company developing online marketing strategies for our clients, we know social media’s ability to virally spread a message can play a large role in a company’s or charity’s success. The Like for Life campaign is a great way to support Gift for Life and raise awareness of their mission and hard work,” said Eric Dean, president of Whereoware. “We hope that other companies will follow our lead to make this social campaign go viral.”
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Marketing automation tip: three ways to “socialize” your email

More and more we are seeing social media and email marketing converge. It makes sense. Both channels can work together to extend your reach, create meaningful conversation with customers and increase conversions.

The three ways

  1. social-media-links-2Include your social media channels in the header of your email. Many email platforms have made this super simple with plugins. Even if your email platform doesn’t have a plugin, it is easy to find free social media icons to add to your email header (hint: just Google free social media icons). Once you add them to your header, don’t forget to link them to your social media platforms.Take it a step farther by including social sharing buttons in your email. Don’t worry, we haven’t gone crazy and started repeating ourselves. These buttons are different from what is described above. They allow users to post a link to your email or specific content in your email to their social networks. Again many platforms have a plugin you can use for this.
  1. Create social-media-only offers and promote them through email. Continue reading.

Web tip: social media integration

It seems almost everyone has Facebook and Twitter links on their website these days, but how effective are they? If you only have a pretty little icon in the bottom corner of your website, you probably aren’t directing as much traffic to your social network profile as you think you are.

Users are humans after all, so while they respond well to visual objects, they process language commands even better. Trywording your social links with actionable terms like this, “Follow ABC Inc. on Twitter.” Get even more click-throughs with something like this, “You should follow ABC Inc. on Twitter now!” You’ll be surprised to see how many more followers, or fans, you collect!