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A smarter sales app for huge cost savings

See how Spotlight saves time + money.
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Evergreen Enterprises, a B2B distributor of home + garden decor products, employs over 175 territory managers selling to retailers in territories across the U.S. and Canada. Evergreen needed a customized sales tool to meet the unique challenges of its complex sales team and national distribution channels.

Evergreen Enterprises outfitted its team with Whereoware’s Spotlight for Sales Teams iPad application to increase sales and improve oversight of sales rep activity. With Spotlight, Evergreen Enterprises can showcase products, take orders, and monitor sales activity from the road. The addition of proximity search, lead scoring, and address verification are boosting productivity and saving Evergreen both time and money.

•    New lead close rate increased 45% (scoring integration)
•    Reduced returned package fees by over 90% (address verification)
•    Saved money + time (proximity search)

Spotlight iPad app case study

Raising the bar on sales rep training with real-time productivity data

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As a multi-category product provider managing a national sales force, Interlude Home needed a better way to monitor the products and product categories sales reps showed customers on sales calls to improve rep training and balance sales.

Interlude outfitted sales reps with Whereoware’s Spotlight iPad sales application. With Spotlight, Interlude monitors sales activity in real-time (including customers visited and products shown on calls). With real-time insight, leadership personalizes sales rep training and increases sales.

Want to learn how one Interlude sales rep increased sales 16% with Spotlight? Download our free 6-page case study for a more in-depth look at Spotlight’s features!

Spotlight for Sales