5 Non-Intuitive Ways to Grow Your Marketing Career

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Originally published in Authority Magazine.

Whereoware’s Chief Executive Officer, Michael Mathias, was interviewed by Authority Magazine as part of the Marketing Strategy Series, where marketing professionals at the top of their game share their insight and advice on growing your marketing career.

Mathias shares from his experience non-intuitive ways to grow in the marketing industry.

When asked for what advice he would give marketers to thrive and avoid burnout, Mathias’ advice is twofold:

“On the agency or supplier side, don’t ever stop talking to your clients,” says Mathias. “As a service provider, you can talk yourself into so many things that aren’t pertinent or real (shiny object syndrome), but nothing creates focus like the tangible needs of your clients. Anchor your growth roadmap on what’s best for your clients.”

And for clients: “Agency partners and suppliers work with a wide variety of diverse businesses and industries, so rely on their breadth of knowledge. Set aside time to learn from your partners and ask questions about what’s going on. Don’t just tack on questions here or there, but intentionally invest time in understanding the bigger picture — use their expertise to your advantage.”

Through experience, Mathias has learned and shared that the agency-client relationship is mutually beneficial to avoid burnout. “Clients bring energy and focus to your business,” Mathias shares. Agency partners and their expertise not only serve their clients, but “keep[s] you fresh with new ideas,” he continues.

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