Marketing automation tip: Whereoware’s email effectiveness checklist

Capture, convince, and close.  Those three words define the goal of every email: capture your audience, convince them of your message, and close the sale.  But it’s difficult to do this if your email is sub-par.  Here at Whereoware, we use a checklist to review every email we create, in order to assess its overall effectiveness.  In doing so, we consider things like:

  • Is the Sender name recognizable and trustworthy?
  • Has the preview pane been optimized?
  • What about the call to action – is it informative? Clickable?

Sound like something you could use?  We’ve created a handy .PDF copy of our checklist complete with explanations and definitions. Feel free to check it out for yourself; it’s never too late to start optimizing your emails!

Get a copy of Whereoware’s email creative/effectiveness checklist: