Whereoware’s Smart Blink allows users to personalize websites

Site marketers can now alter the message displayed on a website based upon visitor characteristics

WASHINGTON D.C., January 6th, 2012 – Whereoware’s Smart Blink, a Flash substitute, now provides an easy way to personalize websites. Site marketers can now alter the message displayed on a website based upon visitor characteristics. Smart Blink makes it simple to keep home pages fresh and create a more relevant and compelling online experience for site visitors.

Smart Blink, built on the Active Merchandiser platform, changes based upon visit frequency, geographic region, or area of interest. It detects which type of visitor is on the site and then displays the correct message. “New Visitors,” for example, can be shown a welcome message, while “Occasional Visitors” may be enticed to purchase again with a discount. “Frequent Visitors,” by contrast, may be interested in seeing what new products have arrived.

Users can also personalize a Smart Blink to meet differing customer needs based on geography. For example, shipping prices may vary depending on whether a customer is on the West Coast or the East Coast. The Smart Blink can be tailored to display different shipping promotions to each region. The same can be done based upon area of interest. If a customer has purchased lamps and lampshades in the past, Smart Blink can recognize this attribute and display an image with lamps and related promotions. This helps to create a personalized experience for each visitor.

Smart Blink projects can be easily updated by any authorized user through the Active Merchandiser platform. Changes in promotions, prices, and specials can be made instantly, without IT support. There is no need to ever touch a Flash file again or to make website CMS changes. Additionally, Smart Blink technology delivers Flash-like animations without relying on Flash. That means animations can be viewed on any browser or device, including iPhones, iPads, and other tablet devices.

“We know that being more compelling and more relevant to customers increases conversion,” said Eric Dean, President of Whereoware. “Smart Blink allows sites to show the best possible presentation, and ensures the right message gets to the right people at the right time.”

About Active Merchandiser

Active Merchandiser (AM) is a suite of online tools – Blink, Flip, Create and Create Express – which helps users merchandise online. Blink allows marketers to create and update their site’s Flash-like animations in a blink of an eye. Flip converts print catalogs into shoppable online catalogs, Create gives marketers the ability to build targeted catalogs and sales presentations and Create Express allows website shoppers to create their own branded sales sheets. The AM suite puts marketers in the driver’s seat, helping build their brand while controlling costs.

About Whereoware

Whereoware is a web strategy, design, development and marketing company with experience implementing a large scope of marketing tactics and development services including: sales force automation, pay-per-click, SEO, mobile development, and CRM portals. Whereoware has been serving manufacturers in the Gift, Home and Lighting Industries for over 10 years. Founded by Gift and Home Industry veterans, Whereoware has unique insights into the complex operational and marketing challenges within the industry. It turns that expertise into smart solutions for today’s manufacturers.

Whereoware is located at 505 Huntmar Park Drive, Suite 200 in Herndon, VA 20170. For additional information about Whereoware call 703-889-1200, contact sales@whereoware.com or visit www.whereoware.com.