Webinar Recap: B2B Personalization, Simplified

Thank you to all who joined us for our webinar, B2B Personalization, Simplified.

We covered how to build buyer-focused B2B features into your website to overcome common challenges, deliver a customer-centric buyer experience, and boost sales.

Watch the webinar recording below to get simple how-to’s for getting started on delivering a best-in-class online journey, tailored to every customers’ behavior, preferences, and interests.

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Optimizing Website Speed and Performance

One of the biggest frustrations web users face is waiting for a page to load (ain’t nobody got time for that!). With so many alternative sites available at their fingertips, online shoppers don’t have the patience to suffer slow websites. Today’s digital world moves fast, and your website should too.

If your pages don’t load like lightning, users move on and you lose the opportunity to convert clicks into sales. In fact, according to top web influencer Neil Patel, 47% of consumers expect pages to load in two seconds or less. Every second counts – 40% of visitors will abandon a page that takes over three seconds to display.

Don’t leave your visitors waiting! Follow our four steps for identifying performance issues and optimizing your website.

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Meet Our Favorite Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) Tools

This week, we welcome a guest post from our Marketing Account Manager, Lea Howland.

Lea works with our clients to maximize their website and email strategy, guiding them on how to leverage digital technology to achieve their goals. She specializes in creating and implementing strategic roadmaps for client success – translating best-in-class digital tactics into actionable plans.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) is a popular marketing automation software enabling marketers to target and track interactions using the powerful data capabilities of Salesforce.com (SFDC) CRM, right out of the box. Combining SFMC and SFDC ensures all leads receive the attention they need through targeted, automated marketing and your sales team—leading to a more efficient, effective, and aligned sales process.

Any tool that helps get sales and marketing alignment is a win in our book! In fact, Salesforce found that “62% of marketing leaders say individuals and teams in their departments are more aligned with each other than ever…and the more aligned they become, the better they perform.”

Today, we’re covering a few tips to help Salesforce Marketing Cloud users maximize tools within the platform to better support their sales team and marketing efforts, while growing ROI.

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Get in Front of Your Brand’s Biggest Fans with Instagram’s New In-App Checkout Feature

Shopping on social media just got a whole lot easier.

Last year, Instagram released shopping tags, enabling brands to create hybrid marketing and advertising content with tags that display product and price details directly on posts. But the much-loved social media platform has taken it to the next level.

Instagram announced that it began rolling out a new in-app checkout feature that makes it easy-breezy for ‘grammers to shop their feed and favorite brands.

This is a big move for Facebook, the parent company of the popular photo-sharing app, into becoming a full-fledged commerce business. Although direct checkout is currently in limited testing with 20-something top brands, Instagram plans to extend the feature to more businesses in the coming months.

Want to know how you can get in front of your brand’s biggest fans? Learn how the checkout feature works, how to get started, and what it means for your devoted followers.

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Whereoware’s Pie-A-Partner Fundraiser Event

CSR Presents the Pie-A-Partner Fundraiser

Whereoware celebrated April Fool’s Day with a Pie-A-Partner special fundraiser to support local food pantry, Dulles South Food Pantry.

Presented by Whereoware’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee, the event encouraged our WOW employees to donate money to the jar belonging to the Partner they hoped to get smashed. The Partner jar with the most dough at the end of the donation period was the target for the pie-in-the-face throwdown.

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Webinar: B2B Personalization, Simplified

Save Your Spot

Modern B2B buyers don’t just want personalization, they expect it, and they don’t have patience for a confusing, friction-filled online journey. They crave convenient features like personalized product recommendations and speedy checkouts.

However, too often B2B websites fall short, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Gartner found that B2B companies offering a more personalized experience outsell competitors by 30%.

In our free webinar, we’re sharing how B2B gift and home wholesaler Creative Co-Op optimizes their website and integrates B2B-specific shopping capabilities for a streamlined, customer-centric buyer experience. We’ll cover how they build buyer-focused B2B features into their site to overcome common challenges and boost sales.

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Behind the Glasses: Jacob’s Hack-A-Thon

Each month, we’ll be going beyond the glasses to get a glimpse of the personal experiences of our fab employees here at Whereoware. For May, we get to know Jacob McCollum, our Lead Front End Developer, a little better outside of the office.


What’s your name? Jacob McCollum
Job title: Lead Front End Developer


What is Cypher V?

Cypher V is the 5th installment of the College of William & Mary’s annual computer science hack-a-thon. Over the course of 37 sleep-free hours, teams of students collaborate to create projects that solve real world problems, improve quality of life, entertain, and more. (All skill levels are welcome!)

At the end of the weekend, the teams present their projects to a panel of judges, who award prizes in multiple categories like Innovation and Complexity.

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The Ad Council Builds Successful March “Adness” Email Campaign Using Code Perfect

Get the case study to see Ad Council’s March “Adness” Interactive Campaign In Action, and learn how they create responsive, on-brand emails in minutes with Code Perfect.

Who: The Ad Council is where creativity and causes converge. We use the power of communications to tackle the country’s toughest issues, and we are the only national nonprofit that brings together the brightest minds in media, tech, advertising and marketing to develop campaigns that inspire action — and improve lives.

What: In the spirit of March Madness, the Ad Council’s March “Adness” email campaign pins the year’s top 16 public service announcements (PSAs) against one another in a “bracketology” competition.

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Webinar Recap: 3 Steps to Improve Email Deliverability

Thank you to all who joined us for our webinar, 3 Steps to Improve Email Deliverability.

In our webinar, we covered how to use IP warming, authentication, data cleansing and validation, and email best practices to reduce deliverability issues and reach your target subscribers.

Don’t miss your chance to receive a free mini email marketing audit! Choose from three options to fit your email needs. Get in touch for more information and to sign up for the exclusive offer by May 31.

  • Email Deliverability Audit: we’ll uncover your deliverability issues and outline a plan to help you get your email into the inbox
  • Email Design Audit: you’ll get concrete recommendations to refresh and optimize your emails to align with email best practices and trends
  • Email Performance Audit: we’ll assess your email campaign performance and recommend steps to increase engagement and conversions
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Uttermost Launches New B2B Website, Built by Whereoware

Uttermost, a manufacturer of home accessories and furniture, reports strong growth in traffic and online transactions through their new e-commerce website, released in January.

Uttermost worked with gift and home furnishings digital agency Whereoware to design and build the website on WOWCommerce, a specialized B2B e-commerce website package for feature-rich and personalized Episerver websites. Whereoware also built previous websites for Uttermost in both 2011 and 2006.

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