ADA Compliant E-Commerce Sites Face Less Risk, More Sales

Web Accessibility

Unless you live with a disability, noticing when business websites don’t comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) may not be on your radar. But for the 1 in 4 Americans with some type of disability, ADA compliance determines which companies they can and can’t do business with, in-store and online.

The ADA turns 30 this year. Since it took effect, Americans with disabilities have brought staggering numbers of lawsuits against businesses for violations like employment discrimination and lack of customer accommodation. Because many of those suits focused on noncompliance in the workplace and in physical stores, it’s been easy for online merchants to forget that the ADA applies to their websites, too. But recent litigation is changing that.

Late last year, the United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of a blind customer who sued popular pizza chain Domino’s because the company’s website and app didn’t accommodate screen-reading software used by many people with vision impairments. The case put e-commerce on notice: it’s time to make your online stores accessible.

Eliminating liability for noncompliance is incentive enough to comply, but maintaining an accessible website or app offers other benefits, too. Accessibility improvements can boost site performance and deliver a positive user experience (UX) to customers of all abilities.

To help you achieve ADA compliance with ease, we’re breaking down the benefits and best practices for making accessibility a top priority for your ecommerce site in 2020.

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Mud Pie’s Redesigned Abandoned Cart Email Increases Revenue 203%

Get the case study to see how a redesign of their abandoned cart email by Whereoware helped Mud Pie increase their email revenue by 203%.


Mud Pie is a lifestyle brand that creates delightful gifts to inspire all of life’s sparkling moments. The company’s designers create delightful products for the fashion forward gals, the entertainers, the home decorators, the mommas and their little ones, and most importantly, for the ladies that enjoy the finer moments in life. Mud Pie has something for everyone across its three lines of product: Fashion, Kids, and Home.


According to Experian, transactional emails have 8x more opens and clicks than any other type of email. Unfortunately, Mud Pie’s wholesale Abandoned Cart email was obsolete and did not align with design trends and best practices.


Mud Pie turned to Whereoware, their go-to digital agency for more than 10 years, to enhance their Abandoned Cart email to fully capitalize on their revenue potential and re-engage customers.

Want to learn more? Download the full case study to see how Mud Pie doubled the average order value (AOV) on their Abandoned Cart email.

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30-Minute Webinar: 4 Steps for Multichannel Marketing Success

Is a siloed digital marketing strategy holding you back from pushing campaign performance to the next level?

Let’s face it, smashing your silos is easier said than done. But we have four key steps to unlock multichannel marketing success.

Register now for our 30-minute webinar to learn how to combine email automation, search engine marketing (SEM), social advertising, and display ads to drive brand awareness, nurture leads, and increase sales. We’ll show you how to implement a 360-degree approach and apply lessons learned from one channel to the next for more personalized customer experiences and deeper engagement.

In our free webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Connect Your Data
  • Guide and Nurture the Customer Journey
  • Optimize Content and Messaging Across Channels
  • Monitor Performance and Stay Nimble

Too busy to join? Register anyway, and we’ll email you the recording and resources after the webinar!

Behind the Glasses: Beau Alexander Castro

Behind the Glasses

Each month, we interview one of our out-of-sight employees here at Whereoware. For January, we get to know Beau, our Account Coordinator, a little better.

Beau Alexander Castro


Name: Beau Alexander Castro

Job title: Account Coordinator

Describe yourself in three words: Driven, Dependable, Honest

Words to live by: Be fearlessly and relentlessly true to yourself.

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Eastern Alliance Insurance Group’s Personalized Website Sees 47% Increase in Visitors

Get the case study to see how Whereoware helped Eastern Alliance Insurance Group’s increase their visitor total by 47%.


Eastern Alliance Insurance Group is a best-in-class provider of workers’ compensation products and services built on supportive relationships, superior service, and providing agents and clients with tools and resources to win with integrity.


Eastern Alliance’s website included outdated architecture, content, and design, and an inconsistent user experience. To stay competitive in an increasingly online industry, they needed a full update to their website and user experience.


Eastern Alliance teamed up with digital agency Whereoware to implement a brand new and wholly improved website. The design and features of the new website modernized Eastern’s web presence and helped visitors understand gain access to available products and resources.

Want to learn more? Download the full case study to see how supplying a simplified and secure web experience helped increase web traffic by 47%.

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2020 Trends: Advances in Marketing, Content, and AI Transform Ecommerce

Last year saw the continued heightening of customer expectations for simple, memorable, and consistent experiences. In 2020, businesses will apply a lot more operational rigor in pursuit of connected customer experiences in 2020, and this will play out across five main trends.

Whereoware CEO Michael Mathias
Whereoware’s CEO Michael Mathias on transformative ecommerce trends that will dominate the new year.

Somewhere between jack-o’-lanterns and Christmas trees, our industry takes stock of the year past and looks to the year ahead. Last year saw the continued heightening of customer expectations for simple, memorable, and consistent experiences, increasing performance pressure across all aspects of business. In fact, in a recent study by Saleforce, 80% of customers report that the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services.

As we look to 2020, be honest with yourself. Were you proactive or reactive to customers’ demands? Were you bold and decisive, or did you take a haphazard approach?

If 2019 was a scramble to compete on customer experience, I foresee businesses applying a lot more operational rigor in pursuit of connected customer experiences in 2020, playing out across five main trends.

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Five Easy Solutions to Holiday E-Commerce Trends

Between time with their families, festive errands, and the hypnotizing distraction of perpetual holiday music, trying to capture the attention of holiday shoppers can be daunting for independent retailers. With 42% of consumers planning on shopping with Amazon, you may be wondering how you can stand out against the competition.

Our partners at Episerver just released their Online Shopping Trends of 2019 Report, and we took an in depth look to find easy-to-implement solutions that will help you stay ahead of the herd.

Trend #1: Searching for Deals

As the days tick down to Christmas, customers switch into goal-oriented shopping mode. It becomes a subconscious game, and completing the mission is the main objective. Shoppers adamantly search for the best deals online, scouring the web in hopes of finding something special.

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Behind the Glasses: Allie Chilcoat

Behind the Glasses

Each month, we interview one of our out-of-sight employees here at Whereoware. For November, we get to know Allie Chilcoat, our Business Development Representative, a little better.

Allie Chilcoat


What’s your name? Allie Chilcoat

Job title: Business Development Representative


Favorite food: Hot wings. The hotter the better.

Hidden talents: Never being able to finish a TV show series. In the age of Netflix, believe me, it’s a talent.

A song you know by heart: “Ice, Ice Baby” by Vanilla Ice. Also a hidden talent?

One item you would bring with you to a desert island and why: Sunscreen. When life gives you an unexpected break from reality, just take it and embrace it.

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Creative Co-Op Increases Online Sales with Product Recommendations

Get the case study to see how Whereoware helped Creative Co-Op optimize their e-commerce website with personalized, data-driven product recommendations, increasing revenue 13%.

Who: Creative Co-Op is a B2B home and seasonal décor, candle, jewelry, and fashion accessories company.

Solution: Creative Co-Op makes it easier for customers to discover, browse, and shop the 10,000+ products sold on their e-commerce website (built by Whereoware) by adding personalized product recommendations, using Episerver Perform.

Want to learn more? Download the full case study to see how smart product recommendations display the most compelling products for every shopper, increasing overall revenue 13%.

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3 Steps to Become More Data-Driven in 2020

Data is the foundation of every modern business, technology, marketing campaign, and sales initiative. Your data (and how you use it) is a critical distinction between you and your competition.

At Whereoware, we’re obsessed with all things data. Data drives everything we do—from our Creative team using data to track user experience, to our client marketing team analyzing performance data to optimize every campaign, to our Customer Insights (CI) team (who are creating sophisticated business intelligence dashboards and predictive models. Before saying go, we look to data to validate our strategy and guide our execution, and then measure activity and results along the way.  

If there’s one thing to commit to in 2020, it’s becoming a data-driven company. Leaders across industries share this goal. A survey from CMO Council and Deloitte found, “more than half (56%) of growth CMOs prioritize data and intelligence analysis as the top skill to help them evolve their growth agenda.”

Depending on your organization’s current comfort level, this might mean undertaking a few specific projects to elevate your data game; connecting your systems to breaks down silos; or starting from the ground up to set a reliable data foundation.

Whether you’re just getting started or doubling down on your data pledge, follow our three steps to becoming a more data-driven company in 2020.

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