3 Reasons Magento 1 Customers Transfer to Episerver

3 Reasons Magento 1 Customers Transfer to Episerver

Are you an undecided Magento 1 customer feeling the pressure to upgrade to Magento 2 or find another website platform? Choosing the right e-commerce platform to support and grow your business is critical, but if you’ve been procrastinating, you’re racing against a ticking clock.

Magento 1 loses all service and support to the platform in June 2020, leaving thousands of businesses with the choice to either rebuild on a new platform, or risk security breaches.

If you’re considering a platform switch, first compare the complete suite offering against your near- and long-term goals. Does the platform offer features and flexibility to scale alongside your company and withstand the test of time?

For example, if your goal is website personalization, does the platform offer a user-friendly CMS, visitor groups, or product and content recommendation engines? If your goal is a robust marketing strategy, does the platform integrate with your marketing automation tool or make it easy to leverage APIs to collect data?

If your website feature set is incomplete, you’ll need to integrate third-party solutions to reach your goals. This is a common challenge for Magento customers that rely on costly and time-intensive extensions. When issues arise, you’re left at the mercy of third-party developers or customer support reps (who may not be familiar with the intricacies of your website).

To help you make an educated decision, we’re throwing another website contender into the ring: our long-standing website partner Episerver, which also happens to be highly rated by both Gartner and Forrester. Episerver’s Digital Experience Platform (DXP) offers a variety of flexible digital solutions to enable modern marketers to build hyper relevant and powerful online customer experiences, while giving developers a flexible framework and single code base to develop from the ground up.

Episerver is a complete solution, offering easy content creation, commerce optimization, personalization, AI-driven recommendations, and consistent support from one trusted source. Read on to see the top three reasons we recommend Episerver.

1. Episerver Marries Content + Commerce

Episerver is a powerful platform for delivering robust commerce experiences, marketing campaigns, and digital journeys. Some of the many capabilities include intuitive CMS functionality, visitor groups, recommendation engines, and features to manage orders, catalogs, carts, and payments.

The simple drag-and-drop editor enables marketers to create personalized, content-driven webpages and promotions easily, without development intervention. According to Forrester, content management is considerably easier on the Episerver platform, reducing updates by 50%

Magento offers strong commerce functionality, but lacks the ease of creating a world-class experience, with commerce and content working in tandem. These outcomes too often require third-party extensions, resulting in higher price tags and increased risk.

2. Personalization Made Easy

Marketers can easily publish unique content in minutes using Episerver Personalization and share with targeted audiences via visitor groups.

Visitor groups enable marketers to create audience segments based on commonalities, like customer-type, order history, geographic location, number of visits, or frequently visited categories. This allows sharing dynamic content between targeted segments. For example, two groups will see completely different messaging within the same dynamic content block.

Clients like Yamaha WaterCraft Group use visitor groups to display personalized content based on the product type and watercraft model they’ve shown interest in, or previously purchased. Yamaha takes it a step further by sending customized emails showing appropriate apparel and maintenance recommendations, based on watercraft model, location, or season. These personalized touches enable Yamaha to uniquely nurture prospects and customers and deepen their brand loyalty over time.

Yamaha Watercraft Group Visitor Groups

3. Data-driven Recommendations

Within Episerver’s DXP, marketers leverage intelligent algorithms to deliver personalized product and search recommendations.  

Built on the flexible Microsoft Azure cloud platform, Episerver’s DXP ensures that you get faster time-to-value along with continuous innovation.

  • Always scalable: As a cloud solution, Episerver automatically handles sudden traffic spikes or seasonal variations, so your customers receive great service anywhere, anytime.
  • Always fast: Episerver’s platform is highly optimized out-of-the-box, delivering content to screens in no time. You get global computing power and always-on support.
  • Always secure: With a proven security process, such as enforcement of duty separation, extraordinarily strong DDoS mitigation features, and ISO 27001 certification, Episerver DXP cloud solution provides best-in-class security.

Episerver Product Recommendations

Episerver Product Recommendations enhances product discovery and increases cart value with smart product suggestions. With powerful machine learning algorithms, Product Recommendations captures behavioral and action-based data to learn and predict which product offerings are most valuable to achieve a unique, highly-individualized shopping experience.

With the complete Episerver package, companies like Creative Co-Op are able to create personalized customer experiences, ultimately, increasing revenue 13%.

Creative Co-Op Product Recommendations

For more on how Episerver Product Recommendations helps you achieve a 24/7 personalized buying experience across all channels, click here.

Episerver Search & Navigation and Product Search

Similarly, Episerver Search & Navigation and Product Search help visitors easily find products or information using smart search. Episerver Search & Navigation helps marketers combat visitors’ increasingly short attention spans by delivering content quickly, reducing frustration and increasing the likelihood they’ll convert.

Product Search takes smart search to the next level, constantly monitoring customers’ search queries and actions to yield the most relevant results.

Episerver Analytics

Episerver Analytics gives you a complete overview of visitor behavior and helps you discover new segments.

  • Track your visitors: Collect data from all visitors, from anonymous leads to repeat customers, so you can track their paths to conversion.
  • Advanced segmentation: Filter profiles so you can quickly create and discover new segments and target groups for marketing.
  • Third-party data: Add third-party data to visitor profiles from your CRM, ERP, and marketing automation systems to personalize even more.

Not an Upgrade, but a Re-Platform

Trusting the wrong platform or digital partner with your website can lead to serious consequences.

The move from Magento 1 to Magento 2 is not an upgrade, but actually a re-platform of your e-commerce solution. If you’re going through the process of re-platforming, why not see what other options are available, and make the most informed decision you can?

At Whereoware, we’ve helped clients like Primitives by Kathy re-platform from Magento to Episerver, successfully redesigning and relaunching their website in just six months. Let us help you along the way or give you a free demo of Episerver.