Behind the Glasses: Beau Alexander Castro

Behind the Glasses

Each month, we interview one of our out-of-sight employees here at Whereoware. For January, we get to know Beau, our Account Coordinator, a little better.

Beau Alexander Castro


Name: Beau Alexander Castro

Job title: Account Coordinator

Describe yourself in three words: Driven, Dependable, Honest

Words to live by: Be fearlessly and relentlessly true to yourself.


What’s a typical day-in-the-life of an Account Coordinator?

As an Account Coordinator, my responsibilities vary day to day. Most of my undertakings involve liaising between clients and WOW internal resources. I also manage and execute projects/campaigns to ensure all parts make it to the finish line successfully!

What’s the best part about working for Whereoware?

Honestly, the people – within these four walls we have awesome resources who are extremely knowledgeable and know how to keep the workplace fun!


What skills and/or knowledge have you gained?

In this role you learn something new every day! The digital marketing atmosphere is ever changing, so I have learned to be flexible and adapt and grow with new technology.

What keeps you motivated?

There is no better feeling than having a client’s recognition and appreciation for all your hard work! Knowing that we actively help our clients better and develop their brands keeps me fueled.

What inspires you most about the industry?

The technological advancements and knowing how targeted and calculated we can be with our data.


Where did you grow up? Sunny Southern California

Where was your last amazing vacation? Key West, Florida

Where is your favorite place to spend a weekend? Being active outdoors – especially in the summertime!