Behind the Glasses: Grant’s Voice Acting

Each month, we go beyond the glasses to get to know our fab Whereoware employees even better. For April, meet Grant Kenny, an Account Executive and aspiring voice actor.


What’s your name? Grant Kenny
Job title: Account Executive


How’d you get started in voice acting? What’s the journey been like?

I’m still at the beginning stages! I started with coaching and online training through a Studio in New York. My coach was the voice of a popular Saturday cartoon called Yu-Gi-OH.

Since then, I’ve trained with multiple coaches and made a lot of connections. I now have a website and an agent based in Atlanta.

I’ve worked on a few commercials for car and RV dealerships, a YouTube Web trailer series, and some professional narrations.

I also help run a conference every other year – the Mid-Atlantic Voiceover Conference, or MAVO for short. It’s based in Herndon, Virginia and brings voice actors from all over to meet and work with the pros. It’s a huge success, and I love being a part of it.

What is your favorite project that you’ve worked on?

My favorite project was this Super Hero ad campaign for a car dealership. I recorded a ton of ad spots in this super hero voice that turned out great! The client was super happy, and I couldn’t have asked for a better result.

How do you get into character?

In general, I think of someone I know close to the character or draw from movie characters and actors. I don’t impersonate their voice, but try to match their physicality and mannerisms, and the voice comes with it! If I have an image to go off of, I can bring that character to life pretty quickly.

What are challenges to voice acting?

Voice acting animation really isn’t big here, but it’s HUGE in Los Angeles. While you can get work almost anywhere for commercial, professional narration, and audiobook gigs, some fields require you to live near a hub.

Voice acting is also all about networking (like most job markets). People want to hire the actor they know and trust. While you’re almost always required to audition, networking can help you get the audition faster.