Shipping Options to Compete with Amazon: Order Online, Pick Up In Store

I was finishing up a craft project recently, when I realized I needed spray sealant stat – even Amazon same-day delivery wouldn’t cut it. What’s a crafty gal to do! Fortunately, I saw on that they stocked spray in a nearby store, so I panic purchased (we’ve all done this) the spray online to pick it up later that afternoon. I’ve been an “order online, pick up in store” convert ever since.


According to Invesp, 49% of shoppers say that same-day delivery makes them more likely to shop online. Not only that, more than 25% of shoppers would abandon a cart online if same-day shipping wasn’t available!

If same day shipping isn’t feasible for you, consider offering the option to pick up in store for online purchases. While this also requires infrastructures in place to ensure the product is at the specific store, it allows the customer to receive the product within 24 hours of purchase, with no shipping or handling fees.

Benefits to the Order Online, Pick Up In Store Service

  • Secured Purchase: It’s better than a “hold,” because the customer has already purchased the item to pick it up within 24 hours. The retailer happily secures the conversion.
  • Upsell Opportunities: Upsell and additional purchases are likely to increase when the product must be picked up in the store, rather than brought to the customer at curbside pick up. Getting foot traffic in the doors is often a brand’s first challenge! According to another Invesp survey, “49% of respondents said they were likely to purchase an additional item some of the time when picking up their online order.”

Risks to the Order Online, Pick Up In Store Service

  • Item Not Available: Product availability is paramount to a successful order online, pick up in store experience. If the product is not available at a nearby store or it’s a pain to filter items on the website to only see available items nearby, the customer will likely go to a competitor. Make sure you have the inventory infrastructure, such as an ERP or PIM system, in place to support this service before offering.
  • Pick Up Experience: Customers expect the in-store transaction to be quick and easy. If they have to wait awhile for a store associate or the purchased items cannot be located, this will deter the customer from trusting this service (or the retail location) in the future and they won’t make additional purchases, while in the store.

As more retailers let consumers purchase online and pick up in store to compete with heightened delivery expectations set by Amazon, it’s important to always put the customer experience first. Set realistic expectations for pick up times post-purchase and communicate any hiccups via email as needed. This service should allow the customer to run in and out of the store, not waste time searching or feel like their purchase was not valued.

Let’s take a look at a few retailers announcing changed pick up options via email:

Order Online, Pick Up In Store Kohls Nordstrom


Will You Offer the Order Online, Pick Up In Store Delivery Option?

If your goal is to compete on shipping/delivery and increase foot traffic to your brick and mortar stores, then offering an order online, pick up in store might be a great option for you. Securing the item online gives customers the peace of mind it will be available when they pick it up.

Psst: optimize the area around where shoppers go to pick up online items, to encourage upsells and additional purchases.