How Pharos Helps B2B Businesses Serve Today’s Customer

The B2B sales environment is changing, and buyers are taking control of the buying process. According to Forrester, 68% of today’s buyers prefer to research online on their own; and 62% say they develop selection criteria based solely on digital content.

Pharos by Whereoware

Empowered by technology and endless alternatives, today’s retailers want their B2B vendors to know their business and product interests, and offer a helpful, consultative sales experience. How can your B2B business deliver the consistent, omni-channel experience your customers crave?

Pharos by Whereoware is an affordable, mix-and-match product suite for your entire organization. Check out a few ways that Execs, E-com Marketers, and Sales Teams use Pharos to build an enjoyable digital presence, deepen customer relationships, and increase sales. (Can’t wait? Contact Us to get a Pharos Demo!)

Pharos CRM – Understand Your Customer

Sales Reps, Inside Sales, and Marketers need to understand their customers across channels. This sounds simple, but following the breadcrumb trail of a customer hopping from the website, to the showroom or retail store, to the call center, and back again, gets confusing and complex fast.

Use Pharos CRM to get the coveted 360-degree view of every customer. Pharos CRM connects the data trail in a single, intuitive web platform. Reps and Marketers can quickly see the products a customer has ordered or shown interest in, any abandoned carts, or even customer service issues. This granular detail into customer activity lets Reps have more meaningful sales meetings and helps Marketers personalize their marketing efforts.

Pharos CRMExecutives use Pharos CRM to gain a complete view of their business. They can analyze sales and pipeline, and view product category trends. They get immediate insight into customer service issues or lackluster sales performance.

Unlike complex CRMs with steep learning curves, Pharos CRM is a simple, product-focused CRM for B2B companies. Check out Pharos CRM here.

Product FastLane – Control Your Product Data

B2B Marketers and E-Commerce Managers use Product FastLane to manage ALL of their product data from a single, simple tool, and share it with their website, catalogs, and marketplaces, like Amazon, in a few clicks.

Product FastLane PIM System Pharos Product Suite

Instead of using Excel spreadsheets or your ERP system to manage your product listings, Product FastLane’s timesaving interface helps Marketers and E-commerce Managers improve data quality and reduce error.

Use Product FastLane to deliver accurate, compelling, and complete product experiences that drive sales and delight your customers. See Product FastLane in action here.

Code Perfect – Better Emails Faster

Email is a low-cost and effective channel to reach your retailers and drive sales. In fact, Litmus’s 2018 data found that email marketing’s return on investment is 38:1 on average, but Marketers struggle to balance email volume, mobile optimization, and complexity.

Code Perfect is a responsive email build tool that enables overtaxed Marketers to build professional and responsive emails in minutes, without needing to use HTML code. The simple, click-to-add interface builds emails like a Lego tower, by stacking pre-tested email modules within an on-brand, custom template.

Code Perfect Email Tool Pharos Product Suite

Help your team design and develop error-free, “code perfect” responsive email templates in a fraction of the time with Code Perfect. Check out Code Perfect here.

Pharos Sales App – Customer Insights In The Meeting

Today’s B2B buyers are turned off by generic, one-size-fits-all sales pitches. Salesforce found that 79% of business buyers say it’s very important to interact with a salesperson who is a trusted advisor —not just a sales rep— who adds value to their business.

Pharos Sales App

The Pharos Sales App brings the power of your CRM and website, equipping Reps with easy access to customer activity, product interests, open carts, and customer service issues, so they can talk to each retailer’s true pain points in the sales meeting.

Product recommendations help Sales Reps personalize the product pitch to meet the retailers’ interests, while business analytics help Reps identify trends at-a-glance, like top performing SKUs or product categories.

Pharos Sales App is also built with a showroom scanner, to help Sales Reps quickly capture show orders at market. It uses your device’s camera, so it works on an iPhone or even an iPod, without requiring expensive hardware.

Executives love that Pharos Sales App automates the sales reporting and follow up process. Executives can see what their Sales Reps are showing in the meeting, enabling them to tailor sales rep training to reach personal goals.

By freeing the Rep from data entry and other tedious tasks, Pharos Sales App lets Sales Reps focus on delivering real value to the customer – a win-win for the entire organization.

Pharos Web – Rich B2B E-com Website

Pharos Web makes it easy for Marketers and E-commerce Managers to deliver a consistent and excellent user experience. The simple CMS  elevates your product presentation with high resolution imagery and alternative views, while smart filters and categories help retailers find the right products.

Pharos Web includes a retailer portal to support your retailers with tools to manage their business. Retailers can view and access past orders or invoices, making it easy and enjoyable to do frequent business with you.

Pharos Web is an intuitive B2B website platform and your foundation for future online growth.

Pharos Create – Better Product Presentation

Pharos Create is an interactive digital catalog tool and visual order builder for branded presentations and wishlists.

Pharos Create

Sales Reps use Pharos Create to show products in their best light and add products to the cart in a single click. They can quickly develop on-brand PDF wishlists to send to their retailers on-the-road, facilitating the personal, consultative touch.

Marketers love the ease of updating digital catalogs, while Executives appreciate the cost savings over traditional, outdated print catalogs.

Pharos Arms Your Entire Organization

The Pharos Product Suite is an affordable and accessible digital foundation for busy B2B vendors. Get started with one product or buy the whole suite; each product connects and shares data, making them more powerful together.

Pharos helps you tie together online and offline interactions, be more efficient and collaborative, and enrich your customers’ brand experiences.

Meet Pharos At AmericasMart

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