Analytics Tip – Updates to Google Analytics’ UI You Need to Know About

The Skinny

Google will be rolling out updates to the Google Analytics (GA) User Interface (UI) in the next few weeks.

What’s Changing?

Mostly the updates are to layout and navigation, but there are 6 main updates happening in total.

We’ll break down each one for you:

1) Navigation
As we all know the current main navigation is in a top horizontal bar (you know the one with Home, Reporting, Customization, and Admin). The new layout will move those main nav items to a collapsible left side bar.

current v new-ga-nav

2) Customization

Previously in each subsection in GA you would have the opportunity to customize, but there wasn’t a central location for all customizations. Now under the “Customization” header in the left side nav bar, you can easily pick what element you want: Dashboards, Custom Reports, Shortcuts, or Custom Alerts.

3) View Switching

A new Home picker allows you to easily choose which account/property/view you want. This can be done on any page in the tool.

4) Login Flow

Have you ever been in one view in GA then got distracted and needed to log back into GA to then need to navigate back to the view you were in? If you answered a begrudgingly “yes”, then rejoice because those days are over! You will now be brought to the last view you were in when you logged in the last time.

5) Default Date Range

The default date range is now set to 7 days for all standard GA users, but you can make changes to the default date range in “user settings”.

6) Removal of Two Pages

Sorry if you were a fan of either “Intelligence Events” or “In-Page Analytics” because those are being removed this GA refresh. Intelligence Events have been replaced with insights by Google Analytics Assistant and In-Page Analytics will only be accessible through a Chrome extension (sorry Firefox + IE users).

How Does This Impact Marketers?

A lot of the changes and updates that will be made to the GA UI are positive ones, because it’ll be a more logical user experience. Having a cleaner collapsible navigation bar with more intuitive sub-headers will lead to higher efficiencies within the tool. But with any refresh there’s always downsides too – the biggest one will be the learning curve. If you were an early adopter of GA, you’re used to the ever changing UI of Google Analytics. These changes are fairly minor in the big scheme and hopefully they will help you streamline your Google Analytics work flow.