Web Tip – 5 Tips to Boost Sales on Amazon Prime Day

Don’t miss out on Amazon Prime Day! This year, Amazon Prime Day begins Monday, July 10 at 6 p.m. and lasts until Wednesday, July 12 at 12 a.m.

It’s time to get your products ready for the busiest shopping day of the year. Today, we’ll walk through five quick tips to optimize your products for Amazon Prime Day.


What is Amazon Prime Day?

Introduced in July 2015, Amazon Prime Day boasts considerable discounts on tons of products, like Kindle e-readers, Fire tablets, Fire TV, Echo speakers, and more.

More than 90,000 TVs and two million toys were sold on Amazon Prime Day 2016, doubling sales from 2015 and receiving the “biggest day ever” praise of one online retailer.

Amazon Prime Day features three types of deals – Spotlight deals, Lightning deals, and Savings and Steals. Spotlight deals are the best deals of the day, and Lightning deals are only available for a limited time. New deals are released every five minutes.

Amazon Prime Day is exclusive to Prime members. To take part in the deals, sign up for a free, 30-day trial (just don’t forget to cancel it afterwards if you don’t want to retain your membership).

Get Your Amazon Store Ready for Amazon Prime Day

The most important thing to do by Amazon Prime Day is optimize your product descriptions and images, so your products stand out from the competition! Follow our 5 tips:

Enhance your images.

Eye-catching images initially draw customers to your product.

This sounds like a no-brainer, but make sure your images show your product in use. Add alternative images that show the product packaging, indicate the size and scale of the product, and show the product from different angles. This combination of images helps customers visualize themselves using and enjoying your products.

Take it one step further by adding in a video of your product in use!







Focus on product titles.

Keyword-targeted product titles catch customers’ eyes and help them find your products.

You can use up to 500 characters, so take advantage of it! Write detailed product titles and include the brand, model name and number, product type, and color. Use the product keyword at least once within the title to boost SEO and draw more attention.

Update product descriptions and bullet points.

Bullet points help customers quickly scan through your product listings. Be sure to incorporate keywords, and list your product’s most important and compelling features.

Don’t forget to add in product descriptions! Find a balance between a detailed, compelling, and concise description.

Update your inventory.

Amazon Prime Day is an opportunity to clear excess inventory and capture new customers. To make sure customers see the most updated inventory, add any new items and remove out-of-stock items.

Promote your products.

Don’t just rely on Amazon Prime Day to give your products publicity. Send out emails and take out pay-per-click or social media ads prior to and during the event to drive traffic to your sale items.

Cut these Steps in Half with a PIM system.

If optimizing your products for Amazon Prime Day sounds like a lot of work, then you need a Product Information Management (PIM) system.

A PIM system, like Whereoware’s Product Fastlane, offers a one-stop-shop to update your product descriptions, images, inventory, and more, and easily share the optimized listing to your website, catalog, and third party marketplaces (like Amazon). Check out Product FastLane’s bells and whistles.


Amazon Prime Day is the biggest Amazon shopping day of the year, so don’t miss out!

Maximize your visibility and boost sales by ensuring your product images are intriguing, titles and descriptions are concise and informative, and inventory is up-to-date. Then, promote your Prime Day product deals through emails and ads. Happy selling!