Web tip – 5 ways to increase retailer registrations on your website

It’s hard enough to convert traffic on your e-commerce website, but many of our B2B wholesale clients face an additional hurdle: they require customers (retailers) to register with them to shop their website.

A non-registered website visitor can view products, though sometimes even those are hidden, but won’t see product information or certain product details. The registration process allows wholesale companies to vet retailers, without displaying wholesale prices to consumers.

Once the retailer registers and is approved, they receive a login and access to the full website – prices, product details, and frequently, highly customized retailer portals.

The plot thickens! When that same B2B wholesale company unveils a new website, oftentimes their retailers must re-register to gain access to the site. This is a common best practice to protect retailer privacy data. These wholesalers must compel retailers to register not once, but twice!

Having built hundreds of wholesale websites, we know a thing or two about motivating retailers to register. Today, we’ll cover five simple, effective ways to increase registrations on your website.

Can’t miss Invite and Benefits

This is a no-brainer, but make sure you tell retailers to register. The invitation or reminder to register must be easy to find, so place the messaging or call-to-action in a can’t miss location on your site or email.

Whereoware’s client Sullivans places their registration invitation right on the homepage, in the hero slider. The call-to-action to “join their family” links to a simple, streamlined webform.

The landing page offers multiple ways retailers can register for an account with Sullivans, with quick activation options for existing customers. They also offer an easy-to-find “Learn More” call to action in the footer, linking to an FAQ with all the benefits of registering.

By making all of this information accessible from one page, retailers can learn about the process and feel at ease.


Tell retailers all the perks they’ll get for registering, like access to pricing, alternative views and materials, PDF portfolios, order history, quick reorder, etc. When retailers realize how they’ll benefit from these tools, they’ll be far more willing to sign up.

Make the process simple

People don’t love filling out forms. They get uneasy about parting with their personal information, even when inputting nonthreatening data, like an email address.

If your form is complicated or convoluted, the retailer might pause, or get frustrated and click away altogether. As a marketer, that pause is your worst enemy!

Webform basics come into play here. Make sure your retailer registration form is as short and simple as possible. Only request necessary information and autofill as much information as you can.

Our Sullivans example, above, demonstrates a simple webform. By only asking for absolutely necessary information, Sullivans keep form length short and increases the likelihood retailers fill it out in entirety.

Our other client Dicksons takes a different approach. Their webform is quite long, ensuring that account, shipping, and billing information is accurate and nipping future issues in the bud.

To reduce friction around the longer form, they’ve added buttons beneath each section that will autofill the data fields. If the customer’s shipping and billing information is the same, they can click the Same as Shipping button, and the form immediately autofills. These precautions make completing the form quick and simple.

Dicksons Form to Register

Be upfront with the process

Tell retailers exactly what information is required to complete the registration before they get to the form, whether it’s a Tax ID or account number. By letting the retailer collect their information in advance, you’ll increase conversions and decrease irritation.

Client A&B Home promotes registration benefits in a website banner, and their express registration section describes the exact documentation needed to complete registration.

AB Home Retailer Registration Webforms

Tell retailers how to get help

The A&B Home example above demonstrates another important principle: give retailers multiple ways to get in touch with you. There will always be instances where a retailer gets stuck. By providing many clear ways to seek help, they’ll feel less frustrated and you’ll show responsiveness.

A&B Home provides a phone number to call if retailers can’t remember their account number, and a “forgot your password” section for retailers that cannot recall their password. All of these tools help retailers register successfully with little annoyance.

Use Email

Email is the perfect, noninvasive channel to invite or remind retailers to register on your website. Your email should tout the benefits of registration and link to a simple landing page that follows our best practices listed above.

Our client Paragon wanted to boost website registrations. They were already doing so much right: their homepage displayed a prominent “Wholesale Registration” call-to-action, linking to a simple landing page that described the benefits of registering, and invited retailers to learn more about the process.

Paragon Retailer Registration Right on the Website

To grow registration numbers, Paragon created an automated email campaign to remind retailers to register on their site, ultimately increasing registrations 12%.

Download the case study, via the form above, to see how they did it.

Grow Retailer Registrations

Follow our simple updates to make the retailer registration process intuitive and pleasant. Make sure retailers are aware of all the benefits of registering and send them an email reminder, in case they forget.

By using clear messaging, easy forms, and email reminders, you’ll demonstrate you value their relationship and increase retailer registrations on your website.