4 Tips for Optimizing Transactional Emails

Transactional emails are one of the most effective touchpoints for engaging customers. In fact, Experian found that their open rates are 8x higher than traditional marketing emails. Even more, according to Campaign Monitor, they generate 6x more revenue. Still, many marketers underestimate and underutilize the opportunities offered by these seemingly run-of-the-mill messages.

But transactional emails don’t have to be dull or daunting. We’re sharing four quick tips on how to optimize these important automated notifications to improve customer experience and provide the helpful information your customers need (and expect).

Transactional Emails: The Basics

Before we dive in, let’s first go back to the basics. Transactional emails have one purpose: to relay important information to your customers.

Triggered by a specific action taken by a customer on your site, these one-to-one, post-purchase touchpoints are crucial in customer satisfaction and retention. However, transactional emails are all too often “set it and forget it” programs. From order and shipping confirmations, to purchase receipts and tracking updates, cart abandonment reminders and more, context is key for these timely, triggered emails.

Get started with a few simple guidelines to ensure your transactional emails inform and impress:

  • Are you setting the stage? Craft a strong subject line and header that reflects the purpose of the transactional message.
  • Are you prioritizing the right content? Transactional content should appear first, while commercial content comes second.
  • Are you providing a cohesive customer experience? Transactional emails often feel dated, off-brand, and deliver an inconsistent customer experience from other marketing efforts.
  • Are you adding value? A compelling transactional email is informative, personalized, and customer service focused.
  • Are you driving the customer’s next step? Include calls-to-action to encourage customers to reengage post-purchase.

Enhancing your transactional emails enables you to extend your company’s relationship with a customer throughout every interaction, while awarding the opportunity for cross-sells or upsells. Follow along to discover how to boost customers’ post-purchase experience by optimizing your brand’s transactional emails.

Tip #1: Follow the 80-20 Rule 

Be balanced. Always keep in mind the purpose of this automated outreach is to inform. First and foremost: transactional emails need to relay necessary information. Start with a clear and concise subject line to clue your customer in on the nature of the email. 

After giving your customers the information they need, woo them back for more. Transactional emails should adhere to the 80-20 rule, with 80% of the content dedicated to providing the critical details of the message, and the remaining 20% of content being used for promotional purposes. 

Give customers peace of mind and a seamless post-purchase experience by providing full order details, order status and updates, and easy-to-track shipping information. Then, include any promotional offers, special announcements, new product releases, or product recommendations at the conclusion of the email to motivate their next move. 

Tip #2: Catch Their Eye 

Don’t forget to be visual. This means treating transactional emails like you would a promotional email. Chances are your brand puts a lot of thought and attention into creating compelling marketing emails that provoke further interaction with your content. Your transactional emails shouldn’t be any different.

Capitalize on the opportunity to shine by getting creative with both copy and design. However, make sure the creative elements don’t cause confusion or distract. It should be easy for recipients to find the critical information they need, while adding just the right amount of visual interest. For instance, feature quality product images, alongside product name, description, pricing details, and more. 

To ensure customers have a consistent experience at every touchpoint, stick to your brand’s colors, fonts, and tone while incorporating eye-catching imagery or animations. Even the smallest touches of personality, such as a quirky or unique signature line, can go a long way. Check out how Mud Pie’s redesigned Abandoned Cart email program doubled in average order value (AOV) and increased revenue by a whopping 203%. 

Tip #3: Get Personalization Right 

Customers don’t want a one-size-fits-all experience. They crave personalization in every interaction. Personalization in transactional emails can go beyond “vanity” modifications to truly enhance a customer’s experience. For example, rather than sending a general order confirmation using simple first name personalization in the subject line, take it a step further by integrating data-driven personalized product recommendations into the email.

It’s a win-win: providing hyper-personalized content will leave your customers knowing you understand their needs, while creating endless opportunities for loyal customers and additional sales. Include recommendations based on website behavior and known interests. For example, for a customer who primarily purchases sale items, add a “Recent Markdowns” block to the email, or if someone has shown interest in a particular product line, suggest “You May Also Like” items.

Tip #4: Customer Service is Key 

Last but certainly not least, don’t forget to thank your customers for their purchase. A few words of appreciation can have a strong impact on customer experience and building brand loyalty. To enhance customer satisfaction, utilize a relational table to incorporate key order information in one convenient place, and prominently feature help pages and contact information in your footer. These additions enhance user experience and boost customer loyalty.

Go the extra mile and incentive your customers to continuously engage with your brand and come back for more. The more a customer interacts with your site, the higher the chances of them becoming a repeat customer. Even though they may have just completed a purchase, re-engage them with a highly customized call-to-action and relevant offers.  

Encourage your customers to share their experience with a friend or on social media, visit your website to check out new content, or take an additional action. Offer a special promotion or limited-time discount for their next purchase or give them 10% off for leaving a review. Before you know it, your automatically triggered transactional emails will send your brand loyalty (and conversions) soaring! 

Ready to Get Started? 

Implementing transactional emails can help you establish personal connections with your customers and let them know you care every step of the way. Make the most of every touchpoint with your consumers and provide a seamless transition from pre- to post-purchase (and everything in between) by delivering optimized and personalized transactional emails

Ready to take your transactional email programs from drab to fab, but don’t know where to start? Whereoware’s team of marketing experts is here to help you take advantage of every opportunity to excite and delight your customers. Get in touch to make transactional emails one of the most effective tools in your email marketing arsenal.