Cuisinart Adds Direct-to-Consumer Sales on New E-commerce Website

Profiled in Digital Commerce360 and MarTech Today.

A division of the Conair Corporation, Cuisinart‘s new e-commerce website was featured in Digital Commerce360 and MarTech Today.

The website, built by Whereoware, offers multiple ways to shop, including easy access to retail partners and direct-to-consumer sales. Built to empower Cuisinart’s internal teams, the website gives Cuisinart’s marketers better control of their product data and search engine optimization, while reducing the manual effort of making updates through extensive data integrations.

Hear from Mary Rodgers, Director of Marketing at Cuisinart, on the decision to add direct-to-consumer sales in Digital Commerce 360.

“This is new territory; this is a new place we’re going to. Is there growth in front of us? Absolutely, there’s growth available. It just depends on what we decide to do and how much we decide to invest in it,” she says.

Cuisinart’s online, direct-to-consumer revenue for 2020 so far is up 103% compared with 2019, Rodgers adds. “The growth is a combination of both organic and horizontal growth attributable to digital marketing programs and expanding product offerings on the site over the past 12 months,” she says. For 2021, Cuisinart expects 14% year-over-year growth, not including added sales that might come from adding new products to the website.

For a different perspective, hear from Whereoware’s Executive VP of Operations, Teya Tuccio-Flick, in MarTech Today, on some of the behind-the-scenes choices that went into the website project (delivered by Whereoware in just six months).

“The new Episerver site aligns data to personalize the experience and create more relevant content,” said Tuccio-Flick. “Now we can base content on product affinity, so we can offer kid-friendly recipes with products to customers who have kids. The new site offers content that matters to end users, which are the customers.”

To learn more about Cuisinart’s recently launched e-commerce website and digital transformation goals, see the full press release.