Infographic: trends in Gift + Home 2013

Inspired by the success of the 2012 Gift and Home show survey, Whereoware once again conducted a survey of retailers and vendors at this year’s shows, looking for information on their social, technological, and selling habits. Once collected, this information was combined with data from our own clients, and some key patterns arose:

  1. Tablets: retailers prefer personal interaction – tablets can facilitate this process
  2. Email: triggered campaigns have high open rates, but are vendors sending them?
  3. Catalogs: retailers want them, but most vendors still don’t use online shoppable catalogs
  4. Mobile: traffic + revenue are soaring, but vendors are slow to invest
  5. Social: a majority of vendors use social accounts, but do they devote enough time?

Many of our results came as a surprise; for example, we were shocked to see that mobile revenue has jumped by 265% year-over-year! We also noticed that the vast majority of vendors are not taking advantage of triggered campaigns like Abandoned Cart, despite their proven success at increasing open rates. Check out the infographic below for a look at other important triggered campaigns vendors are overlooking.