Get in Front of Your Brand’s Biggest Fans with Instagram’s New In-App Checkout Feature

Shopping on social media just got a whole lot easier.

Last year, Instagram released shopping tags, enabling brands to create hybrid marketing and advertising content with tags that display product and price details directly on posts. But the much-loved social media platform has taken it to the next level.

Instagram announced that it began rolling out a new in-app checkout feature that makes it easy-breezy for ‘grammers to shop their feed and favorite brands.

This is a big move for Facebook, the parent company of the popular photo-sharing app, into becoming a full-fledged commerce business. Although direct checkout is currently in limited testing with 20-something top brands, Instagram plans to extend the feature to more businesses in the coming months.

Want to know how you can get in front of your brand’s biggest fans? Learn how the checkout feature works, how to get started, and what it means for your devoted followers.

How It Works

Shopping on Instagram previously involved a pop-up of a retailer’s website, and required users to copy the link into their browser to use any stored payment information—a cumbersome process that unsurprisingly caused cart abandonment.

With the new direct in-app checkout, Instagram hopes to solve this problem. Afterall, the fewer steps it takes to complete a purchase, the more likely your social media savvy shoppers are to buy.

With the newly released checkout feature, shopping on Instagram is more streamlined than ever: users can store their payment and shipping address information within their mobile app to quickly make purchases on-the-fly. With just a few taps, users can shop eligible products via the blue “Checkout on Instagram” button below.

Next, shoppers are prompted to provide their email address to complete the order. From there, they can enter their payment details, select their preferred delivery method, and place their finalized order.

Once a customer’s first purchase is made, their information is securely saved in the app for an even more convenient experience the next time they shop. Even better, customers can manage their purchase in an “orders” section of their profile, as well as receive shipping notifications and delivery alerts on their Instagram app for easy tracking. To discover how easy it is to shop in just a few taps, watch Instagram’s how-to video.

In return, Instagram is charging retailers a selling fee. Major e-commerce brands are already taking advantage of the change, including Nike, Zara, H&M, Warby Parker, and more.

With the new feature, the popular platform is sure to become a shopping destination. Equipped with brands that today’s users love, shoppers can now buy the products they want without the need to download or navigate an abundance of retailer apps.

According to a recent Insta blog post, “Checkout is just one part of our long-term investment in shopping,” as the company plans to introduce even more ways for people to enjoy shopping on Instagram in the near future.

How to Get Started

To enable the feature for your brand, your account must be connected to a Facebook page and approved for shopping on Instagram. Brands must first push their inventory to Facebook, which will toggle the “shopping” feature on Instagram once the account has been reviewed and approved.

Don’t have an Instagram storefront? Follow this checklist to get started.

  1. If you can answer YES to each of the following questions, your account is eligible for Instagram Shopping:
    • Is your business located in a supported market?
    • Does your business sell physical goods?
    • Does it comply with our commerce policies?
    • Is your Instagram account set up as a business profile?
    • Is your account connected to a Facebook Page?
  2. Connect your Instagram business profile to a Facebook catalog.
  3. Go to the Instagram app and sign up for Shopping.
  4. Create your first shopping post or story by adding product tags and stickers.

If you’re interested in the recently released feature, click here!