Key Considerations When Replatforming Your Website

Originally published in Retail IT Insights.

When it’s time to replatform, how do you find the right tools and service provider to fit your business goals?

In an article published on Retail IT Insights, Whereoware’s Chief Revenue Officer, Joe Harris, covers key considerations when choosing a new website platform—particularly for users moving off of Magento 1.

Choosing a new website platform is a major process that most businesses go through at some point, and should be considered two-fold: you’re choosing both a new platform and service provider to help you design, develop, and frequently, maintain your new website.

Essential features to look for in a website platform include:

  • Simple content management (CMS)
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Scalability and security
  • Highly individualized product recommendations and search tools
  • Convenient self-service tools
  • Bonus: easy audience segmentation and dynamic content to deliver personalized content

Once you’ve identified a platform, you must then find the right service partner to build your website. Harris recommends setting expectations early by asking important questions related to the service provider’s expertise with the platform, as well as their relationship with the vendor. For example, ask:

  • What developer specializations does the service partner have?
  • Can they provide examples or references?
  • How do they handle scope- or budget-creep?
  • How do all the parties in the partnership get paid?
  • What other vendors are in their partner ecosystem?
  • Who will handle ongoing concerns like data security?

By clearly defining your goals and expectations with both your internal team and service partner, you’re on your way to a more seamless transition and delivering a superior experience for your customers.

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