Whereoware adds new clients and features to its Spotlight iPad app

Whereoware proudly announces that industry leaders Currey & Company, Culp Inc. and Interlude Home have chosen Spotlight as their iPad sales app. Spotlight will allow their sales reps to better collaborate with customers to find products, browse catalogs, build photo stacks and write bigger orders.

“We want our sales force to have the most effective tools in order to properly show and sell the Currey line. Putting Spotlight in their hands will increase their productivity and lead to better collaborative sessions with our customers,” says Brownlee Currey, President of Currey & Company. “By having a wealth of information on products, account and order history immediately on hand, our sales representatives can better prepare and deliver tailored presentations, working together with dealers to find the best products for their business.”

In tandem with this announcement, Whereoware is introducing new features and functionality within the Spotlight app. Users can now view products via fully searchable and shoppable merchandised catalogs. Additionally, new capabilities are in place to create on-demand catalogs, build wish lists for customers, and quickly email product information to customers directly from the app – even while in the sales call. Whereoware is also adding the ability to quickly create and manage leads within Spotlight itself, which will allow reps to use Spotlight as a lead management tool.

“As part of our ongoing product plan, we are continually updating and improving Spotlight so that it remains best in class,” says Eric Dean, President of Whereoware. “Having been in this business for over 12 years, we know the importance of adding useful features while still keeping the product simple, effective and useful. We are committed to making Spotlight the best app in the industry.”

For more information on Spotlight and Spotlight Enterprise, visit www.whereoware.com/spotlight or contact Tara Dikos at tdikos@whereoware.com.

About Whereoware

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