Whereoware Expands Spotlight iPad Offering

Whereoware announces a new iPad app to their Spotlight product line. The new app, simply called Spotlight, enables any registered user, whether a retailer or a sales rep, to search products, browse catalogs, build Photostacks and create wish lists. Spotlight provides a solid base for users to expand into Whereoware’s previously announced Spotlight Enterprise app, a full sales force automation solution which empowers sales representatives to have better sales calls and sell more.

“Over the last ten years, Whereoware has developed hundreds of data rich websites delivering easy ordering, innovative product presentation and fully integrated customer service information. Spotlight is a natural progression because it leverages Whereoware’s vast experience,” says Eric Dean, President of Whereoware. “It takes advantage of Apple’s revolutionary design, providing all the tools a sales rep or retailer needs in one compact device.”

Spotlight provides a tool that allows retailers and sales reps to increase productivity and efficiency, while providing personalized service to the customer before, during and after the sales call. It cuts printing costs, showcases products, eliminates out-of-date information, and places orders online – all in one tool.

Spotlight key features:

  • Showcase products: Products shine with large, brilliant product photography that you can zoom in to see beautiful product details.
  • Flip through catalogs: Access your fully merchandised catalogs directly from Spotlight. No need to lug around heavy and out-of-date catalogs. The most current catalogs will always be available, searchable and shoppable through Spotlight.
  • Collaborate with clients: The Photostack tool allows users to collaborate with clients, deciding on the perfect products to purchase. Once the products are selected, it is easy to create a personalized branded PDF for email or print.
  • Intuitive visual navigation: Quickly find products, customer data, browse digital catalogs and view and buy products with ease.
  • Quickly + easily find product: Immediately find the information and products you need. Filter, sort and search products based on best sellers, sales items, what’s in stock and more.
  • Save printing costs: Reduce catalog and photo card printing costs and eliminate out-of-date information. The integrated catalogs allow users to show and shop beautifully merchandised product.
  • Works everywhere: use the app anytime with or without an internet connection.

Spotlight Enterprise key features:

  • Ordering made easy: Save time and take orders anywhere and everywhere. Easily add items to the shopping cart with quick orders and re-order options and never worry about your internet connection.
  • Instantly access customer information: Whether offline or not, have immediate access to customer account information, sales history, order status, account analysis and more.
  • Quick account access: Sales rep dashboard displays all order statuses and allows users to edit copy orders.
  • Reporting at your fingertips: Reps and managers can view order information and sales rep activity from your admin portal.

More information on Spotlight and Spotlight Enterprise is available at www.whereoware.com/spotlight or contact Mike Hoffman at mhoffman@whereoware.com.

About Whereoware

Whereoware is a web strategy, design, development and marketing company. With proven success and endorsements from leading players, Whereoware has been serving manufacturers for over 10 years. Whereoware has unique insights into the complex operational and marketing challenges within the industry. It turns that expertise into smart solutions for today’s manufacturers.

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