Whereoware at Home

Amid the chaos and uncertainty these days in response to COVID-19, the Whereoware team is actively navigating our client relationships from our very own cozy corners of the country—from the mid-Atlantic to the Midwest, New England to the deep South. We’re doing our part and practicing social distancing, but that doesn’t mean we can’t stay a tight-knit team.

From celebrating pajama day every day, to taking a few more snack breaks than usual (okay, a lot more), being comfy at home won’t interrupt our teamwork or our hustle.

As we get used to our new work spaces, we’ve had the pleasure of welcoming some new types of “co-workers” to our team—some enjoy laying on our warm keyboards, while others like to stop and bark at the squirrels in the backyard. Other little ones are all about taking breaks for dance parties and some require the occasional diaper change. Sure, they can be a little unruly at times, but they keep us smiling and on our toes.

A cat desperate for attention
Picnic lunch during the all-staff meeting
Wally the dog laying on a rug
Amanda's lizard
Lemmy the cat playing peekaboo
Our little coworker
Puppy trying to distract it's owner
A cat who wants you to play and not work
Using mommy's office for homework
Puppy looking for attention

We’re working hard to exceed our partners’ expectations, and despite the change of scenery, we’re confident in our unwavering dedication to serving our clients.

We’ve proven we’re up for the challenge to find alternative ways to stay connected and in good spirits, from weekly all-hands virtual town halls to virtual “water cooler” chats via Microsoft Teams.

The marketing team in costume for a virtual training
Virtual high five!
The Sales team meeting via Teams
Virtually onboarding two new WOW employees

Some of our favorite topics of discussion include:

  • As Seen on Netflix – Share what you’re watching (or listening to) during our downtime. Our favorite playlists, podcasts, and binge-worthy shows.

WOW team member recommendations: Tiger King on Netflix and #ThrowbackThursday on Spotify

  • Good Vibes – Share what’s making us smile today, along with words of encouragement, motivation, and inspiration.
  • Remote Work Pro-Tips – Questions and tips about staying organized, focused, and mindful of self-care.

The WOW consensus: find an ergonomic desk chair.

Word of advice from our CEO, Michael Mathias? “However comfortable any chair may be, make sure you get up, move around, and clear your mind.”